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Looking for the following scripts in editable or pdf:

Fully Committed
Smokey Joe's Cafe

Thanks, in advance!
Introductions / Re: Hello from California!
« Last post by VSM on Feb 16, 2018, 11:06 am »
Welcome Aboard!
Please be sure and share your experiences as we can all learn from one another, no matter how long we've been doing this!
(from one Super Senior to another!)
Introductions / Hello from California!
« Last post by mitchwebb on Feb 15, 2018, 10:30 pm »
Hello everyone!

I am currently working in various corners of the theatre/entertainment industry. Currently I'm a Guest Talent Coordinator for the Walt Disney Company (Fancy name for a role that is half production coordinator and half non-union SM). I'm also a Booking & Contract Manager for a 424 seat community theatre in Southern California, as well as a freelance SM for various small theatres in and around the LA/OC area. On top of all of that, I am in the final stages of getting my Bachelors Degree in Tech Theatre (I suppose I am what they call a "super senior").

I joined this forum because most of my experience Stage Managing has been in non-traditional SM forms, such as event focused, site-specific focused, etc..

I am hoping to refresh myself on the traditional theatrical SM skill set and continue to grow my craft by submerging myself back into the world that got me interested in theatre in the first place. Thank you for letting me apart of this family!
Introductions / Re: Hello from the Pacific Northwest
« Last post by Maribeth on Feb 11, 2018, 08:21 pm »
Welcome aboard, Gypsy!
Uploaded Forms / Re: !! - Request Forms Here - !!
« Last post by steffeg on Feb 09, 2018, 10:46 pm »
Hi everyone! I recently finished with a dance show that two of the pieces are going to ACDA and I need to give them lighting levels, does anyone have a template that would make that info look a little more presentable and easy to follow than just listing off what's in each cue?
Introductions / Hello from the Pacific Northwest
« Last post by steffeg on Feb 09, 2018, 10:41 pm »
Hi everyone, my name is Gypsy. I'm a current college student in Washington State, I direct, act, and stage manage. I speak German, but I'm not fluent (yet), but I'm working towards it. I first got involved in theatre in high school and now it is my life. I look forward to being involved in this community!

Employment / Re: Websites part deux
« Last post by smejs on Feb 09, 2018, 07:02 pm »
Hi Brandi,

While photos are nice, I find they don't mean much to me without some heading or caption telling me what I'm looking at, and what connection you had to the project(s). This is in reference to your home page. It's a bit better on the individual show pages once I found those. On the Selected SM Portfolio main page, I also might add a bit of instruction at the top like "click on the image to see additional photos and production information." It's great that you have a lot of photos to choose from, but you might whittle it down to a smaller selection for us to focus on, with highlights of varied looks. It's almost too much to look at with 29 photos of Junie B, for example, when 3 are of the same character (a mouse, I think) in nearly the same pose.

You also might check the formatting of some of your paperwork samples. Your sign-in sheet has two extraneous columns on the 2nd page, for instance, and it's the first document I end up seeing. Another (entrance/exit tracking) is very tiny and hard to read - looks like perhaps it got shrunk? Also, FYI, it took me a bit to load them (yesterday, the Costume Plot never loaded and had "image not found" though today it works).

I agree with what KMC said about contact information, and add that it's also on your samples, which perhaps you could black out.

Please take this as constructive criticism, just trying to help you present your best you!

Best of luck,
Introductions / Re: A Quick Hello
« Last post by smejs on Feb 08, 2018, 11:05 pm »
Welcome to town! I got your private message, too, and just sent you an email.
The Green Room / Re: Production Haikus
« Last post by JJtheStageManager on Feb 04, 2018, 05:25 pm »
No cue lights or comms
And no ASMs either
This show is absurd
Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: REPORTS: Report/Notes Language
« Last post by RuthNY on Feb 04, 2018, 10:32 am »
I simply use "Nothing to report," in each section where there is nothing to report.

To me, I think the difference comes down to how it meshes with your demeanour generally - I'm a warm person, but low key and I tend to err on the side of seriousness, and so "No notes, Thank you!" or such would come off as insincere from me, whereas it would sound entirely sincere and friendly from someone whose normal demeanour was similarly bubbly.

Personally, I like to keep things simple. The point of "no notes" is to affirm that I haven't just forgotten to include their notes, they can be positively sure there's nothing to worry about, so in the body of the email I say:

"Hi all,

Notes today are for Wardrobe, Props, Paint, and Projections.

NO notes for Sets, LX, or Audio.


...and then in the report itself I will have boxes titled "Sets" "LX" &c., with nothing further in them.
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