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Employment / Re: USITT Portfolio Reviews & Interview Materials Prep (PRIMP)
« Last post by KMC on Feb 21, 2018, 02:31 pm »
Thanks Erin!  I haven't actually called a cue in over 12 years - hard to believe - so I am not a member of the SMA.  If I am able to make it I'll wrangle an expo pass somehow, or just catch up with the folks I want to see at happy hour or for lunch.  Mostly looking to network with a few select individuals about getting some younger entry-level folks into our employment pipeline for the more technical aspects of entertainment technology.
Employment / Re: USITT Portfolio Reviews & Interview Materials Prep (PRIMP)
« Last post by smejs on Feb 21, 2018, 02:07 pm »
If you're still planning to attend and haven't registered, there are a few options.

Expo-only passes (not for full conference, nor can you get a PRIMP session...but you can still see a lot of fun stuff and pick up some swag) are available using the code 1400, courtesy of the Stage Managers' Association. Need not be an SMA member to use.

If you are an SMA member, you can find out about registering at early-bird deadline prices, regardless of your actual sign up date. (Hint, it was sent in a member email, but even I didn't see it the first time around.)


Employment / Re: USITT Portfolio Reviews & Interview Materials Prep (PRIMP)
« Last post by KMC on Feb 21, 2018, 01:58 pm »
Many good spots in the Las Olas / A1A area up there for a night out.  Might actually be able to make my first USITT in 10 years but can't guarantee just yet.
Employment / USITT Portfolio Reviews & Interview Materials Prep (PRIMP)
« Last post by smejs on Feb 21, 2018, 01:31 pm »
Hi all,

Are you headed to the USITT conference in a few weeks? Get PRIMPed for your next job interview with a FREE Portfolio Review & Interview Materials Prep session. Sign up by Feb 25 for a guaranteed slot - we may not have them left during the conference. This is NOT just for a students, but anyone can sign up (including students). Slots still available in Stage Management, Arts Management and Production Management, in addition to just about every area you can think of. 

If you have friends in other areas attending, have them start at the main website: Sorry, Sound slots are all full!

However, the direct link to Management reviews is

Meanwhile, I know there are plans to have a Stage Managers' Association "SM GO (Stage Managers Go Out)" gathering during the conference, so stay tuned for that.
Tools of the Trade / Re: iPad Pro for Blocking?
« Last post by Cedes on Feb 20, 2018, 09:53 pm »
I might have to try ForScore. I haven't thought of it for blocking as of yet!

I use Notability, which lets me upload my scripts to the app itself, and I can use highlighting, multiple colors, types of pencil medium, etc.  I just used it on my most recent production of Show Boat, and it worked incredibly well!
Tools of the Trade / Re: Digital Script App Query
« Last post by Cedes on Feb 20, 2018, 09:46 pm »
I read the survey, and that is what got me thinking. The one thing that stuck out to me was the statement that people would like an app that could be used for multiple things and could be modified to work for them. The first step would be a script, but further steps could be adding options to import other paperwork and have at the ready quickly for reference, etc. I'm just testing the waters right now regarding if there would even be a market for this. I know app building is incredibly expensive, but I've got a few friends in the industry that are interested in working on something like this with the resources to help.
Tools of the Trade / Re: Digital Script App Query
« Last post by smejs on Feb 20, 2018, 09:40 pm »
I know you said the app was geared for performance, but I'd love an app that the dual page was so I could keep my one-script setup. [Edited, had mistakenly typed one-page setup before.] My runs are so short and often no dance captain or AD to maintain the artistic part (or sometimes teched so short that I'm still finessing cue calls) I like to still have my blocking very handy for the run. I'd love to stylus write in the blocking on the right side (and I usually have columns for blocking, director notes, then backstage stuff), but script and cues on the left for me.

Best of luck - I know the woman developing BlockIt has had major financial issues, despite a fundraiser. As many stage managers as there may be, we're still a pretty small group of people in the world of app use.

And yes, I second taking a look at the survey.
Tools of the Trade / Re: Digital Script App Query
« Last post by Maribeth on Feb 20, 2018, 08:59 pm »
I don't have any advice about features for your app, since I personally am not interested in using a digital calling script at present, but you may be interested in the results on the recently published 2017 Stage Manager Survey. There were some questions about which SM-specific apps people use, and what features they would be interested in seeing in future apps.
Tools of the Trade / Digital Script App Query
« Last post by Cedes on Feb 20, 2018, 07:04 pm »
Hi All,

I'm in the idea stages of possibly building a prompt script app that is specifically designed for performances. I've been using multiple apps for years now, and none of them seem to function in a way that makes it useable, as well as not being able to customize it the way I'd like for quick and easy access.

Of course, I am still a strong proponent of having a paper copy on hand, but in today's age we are slowly but surely moving towards digital, and I'd like to at least look at the possibility of creating an app that could keep up.

Some things I've thought about already:

-Dual page view (including swipe to the left-right to change both pages)
-"menu" on the side (essentially grouping pages into scenes, beats, songs etc. that can be set by the user for quick access)
-Writing on it with a stylus, with saving to a cloud service like dropbox so it is accessible for others on the production staff)
-multiple saved versions
-Quick Search (for a specific line, cue, etc)
-Quick marks (like fourscore) to allow for jumping to various positions (this is esp. helpful for Cut shows for special events, school shows, etc)
-a "sticky note" function to allow one to make temporary notes that can be removed at any point without much trouble.
-Ease of page inserts or cuts and auto tracking to a "group" they are put in

Basically I want to see if it would even be possible to do something like this. If there is anything that anyone on this forum also would like to possibly see, please let me know. I'm just curious to see if there could be a potential market for something along these lines to be developed.
Looking for the following scripts in editable or pdf:

Fully Committed
Smokey Joe's Cafe

Thanks, in advance!
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