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Employment / Re: branching into props
« Last post by loebtmc on Feb 19, 2020, 01:57 am »
This is very simplistic, but you might start by walking with the  prop people on shows you are already doing. And if there are any major houses in your town, that's also a great opportunity to meet prop people who might take you under their wings.
Introductions / Washington Stage Manager!
« Last post by paige.pedersen on Feb 18, 2020, 09:14 pm »
Hi everyone!

My name is Paige and I am currently a student SM at Eastern Washington University. I am so exited to finally be joining this community online after many years of SM experience. This week I am currently at KCACTF Region 7 showing my most recent work which is very exiting and I am learning a lot. If anyone has been to and has any tips about KCACTF I would love to hear them!

I thought I would share a little story for all of you that I laugh about now, but didn't in the moment.

This year I was the stage manager for my university's production of Urinetown, and it was a great experience. Unfortunately on opening night there was a strange smell that started filling the theater right after intermission. At first we couldn't make it out so I had one of my available ASM's look around the entire building, but couldn't find anything. After a while it became clear, it was the sewer. We talked to our set designer, who is the professor that oversees the theatre and shop, and found out that sometimes the sewer tends to back up and smell. It didn't help that there are two vents in the shop that is directly backstage essentially pumping out the odor.

When we started the run for our second night there was no smell until we started Act 1. We were told the only way to try and calm it was to pour hot water down the drains in the shop. Unfortunately one of them was under our drum set (because our pit was backstage) so we had to wait until there was time between musical numbers to do so. This happened a few more times throughout the next few performances before we eventually got someone from university maintenance to fix it.

Thankfully it was during a show that is about bathrooms so we could somewhat pull if off and make it seem like an intentional aspect. But in the moment I was very stressed!
Employment / branching into props
« Last post by mizi5620 on Feb 18, 2020, 08:38 pm »
I have been stage managing professionally for a few years and find that while I love SMing I also want to have opportunities to explore other areas of theater. I am particularly interested in props design. I never worked on props in school or professionally so I'm not sure how to break in to that or how to frame a resume/cover letter to get a props gig. I can sew very well and took costume crafts classes in school. I also do a lot of repairs and crafts in my personal life so I am good at building with various materials.

Any advice?
I'm ASM-ing for a small show, and the SM has recently returned to the trade after many years away. I'm non - equity but have a good deal of experience working in equity houses. The SM is incredibly nice, but they haven't been in a rehearsal room for many years, some small mishaps have happened, (scheduling etc.) and the director doesn?t really trust them. They also seem almost checked out in rehearsal, the director has to ask them to call for breaks etc., and when scheduling they forget which actor is in what scene.

I?m trying to be as supportive of the SM as possible, but I feel like it?s very difficult to do a good job while not picking up the slack. The director is starting to turn to me with questions about break times, etc. I really don?t want to get caught in between the director and the SM.

The most recent thing that happened was that the director asked me to send them copies of some paperwork, which I did, not including the SM. The SM found out, and (very nicely) asked me to check in with them before doing anything like that again, which I completely understand, although I was under the impression that what I sent was under my purview, which the SM forgot about/didn?t realize.

The last thing I want to do is undermine the SM. I want to be supportive and help them to do their job, but at the same time it seems like there a lots of things that are falling through the cracks. How do I best support the SM and the show at the same time in this situation?

I am looking for a copy of The Laramie Project.

Please send to:
Introductions / Stage Managing Here I Come !!!!! :D
« Last post by PaolaSSM on Feb 08, 2020, 03:48 am »
 My name is Paola Soliz. I fell in love with stage management a few years ago when I was the stage manager of a dance show. It was so fun and I have been studying to perfect my skills ever since. I'm currently attending CSULB to earn my bachelors in technical theatre and I am working as a carpenter part time outside of school. I would love to stage manage more shows and also stage manage outside of school. I'm just really excited to be a part of this community and just happy that this dream is coming true. Sorry for the cheesiness!!!
Hello all.  I'm looking for the following scripts in any format. 

Cinderella (Broadway Version)
39 Steps
Clue: The Musical

The Green Room / The Year of the Stage Manager
« Last post by Maribeth on Jan 30, 2020, 09:50 pm »
For those on Instagram, I highly recommend following "sminsta2020" - it's an account that has a different stage manager take over every day and gives a look into their work and lives. So many great stage managers featured, including a number of SMNetwork members!

It seems that there's a very active group on Facebook for the Year of the Stage Manager 2020 as well. :)
The Green Room / Re: Search error on website
« Last post by Mac Calder on Jan 30, 2020, 04:26 am »
I generally go to google for searching any site to be honest - if you put "" in the search box it will limit results to pages that come from SMNetwork - which won't refine your results too much with this particular forum, but can really help with more popular forums/sites that you want to search.
The Green Room / Re: Search error on website
« Last post by JustinJanke on Jan 29, 2020, 04:56 pm »
I've been having the same problems for quiet a while.
What I've been doing recently is going to google and typing in "" then following that up with what I was going to search for. It normally brings me to threads I was looking for.
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