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Introductions / A Step Toward the Future :)
« on: Aug 12, 2018, 05:46 pm »
Hello all!,

My name is Brooke Dengler and I am beginning my senior year in high school! My experience lies so far only with my high school drama program, as I have now been my school's stage manager for four shows and hope to continue with my program this year. However, I also plan on branching out to regional theatre in the coming year in order to begin building a more competitive portfolio in preparation for college and the professional world.

In the future, I plan to work locally in my junior college's newly renovated theatre, as well as the county's regional theatre in order to gain experience with multiple directors and setups, including both new and old technology. After high school, I hope to complete my general education at the junior college while continuing my work in their new theatres, then either move to LA or NY to further my career in the professional world (if I can afford such a huge leap...).

I cannot wait for this journey to take off and for all the shows and crews I get to be a part of in the future. After having worked on a film set and in many other work environments, I have found this one to be my passion, and the most rewarding. Theatre is really like no other, as you build families and create gorgeous art together in a unique and beautiful way. I hope to grow greatly this year and begin working my way up in this incredible world of technicians and artists. With that, I cannot wait to be welcomed into this new family of stage managers and to learn from the very best!  ;D

All the best,
Brooke Dengler

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