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Job Postings / AEA-Assistant Stage Manager Needed
« on: May 19, 2014, 03:56 pm »
Looking for an experienced AEA assistant stage manager for a production of Hairspray this summer. Rehearsals begin August 2nd, and contract Ends August 3rd. Rehearsals and performances are in New Canaan, CT.

Ideal candidate is comfortable with props tracking and running the deck during performances. A sense of humor and ability to keep calm during the process also highly recommended. It's a big show, so it is important that I can rely on you to keep things running backstage.

I am still waiting on salary info from the producer, but we are on an LOA-LORT contract, and I believe the actor minimum is around $350. I should be getting more information soon.

Looking to fill this position ASAP.

Position includes health and pension contribution.

Position is in New Canaan, CT, but is commutable from New York City via Metro North railroad.

For consideration, please email your resume and a cover letter or intro in the body of the email to DO NOT PM me on SMNetwork. 

Hey everyone,
I'm doing a developmental workshop of the new musical Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and we are using the workshop as an opportunity to test out some special effects. The show will eventually go out on tour. We have some moments where we would like to get the effect of a thick cloud that can be used to reveal the god Ares. We could just use a CO2 fire extinguisher, as it is not being pointed at any actors, but the cost of refilling a CO2 fire extinguisher once a week gets to be a bit too expensive. We would like to explore an alternative, perhaps with some kind of compressed air fire extinguisher that sprays talcum powder (or something similar.) It would need to be able to be re-loaded with an air compressor that would travel with the show. Has anyone dealt with this? I've been researching prop fire extinguishers, but can't seem to find one that would work for us. If you know where we could get this kind of extinguisher, I would appreciate any information. We present next week, so time is limited. Help! Thanks, everyone!


Edited to add topic tag- Maribeth

I have the opportunity to PSM 2 musicals back to back this summer under LORT-D contracts. There is some overlap between the two shows, where I will be in rehearsals for show #2 while in performances for show #1. From start to finish, it comes to 11 weeks. (If I count the week prior to rehearsals for pre-production. Those count for health insurance weeks, right?) Do I get double weeks for the overlapping weeks? Each show rehearses for 3 weeks and performs for 3 weeks.

I want to qualify for health insurance through the union. Will that happen with these two shows, or if I'll just have to go without until I get one more week under a contract?

I'm going to be moving into the realm of full-time freelancing, so the insurance questions is important since I will be leaving a full-time day job with insurance to take these shows.

Any help you can provide is much appreciated! Thanks!

Tools of the Trade / Blogging Topic
« on: Sep 02, 2009, 08:43 pm »
Recently I have started a self-promotion website because I am moving to NYC in 15 days. I wanted to make sure that I was doing all I could do to make sure my name was out there. I have started to slowly put things onto the site and am also planning on having a blog on the site where I can discuss topics in the theatre that pertain to stage management. My question for you stage managers is this: Are there any topics, ethical questions, issues, or anything at all that would make for good discussions that I can blog about? I appreciate any and all help you come up with. Who better to decide what issues face stage managers than stage managers themselves?  Thanks!

This year, I will be stage managing a show at my college as my senior project. The playwright a faculty member in our department and is about the 900 Day Siege in Leningrad. (When the Nazis surrounded St. Petersburg and cut off food supplies, dropped bombs, etc.) The director has been chosen and is from Russia. She speaks first grade level English and will be bringing an interpreter with her to translate for her. This is going to be an incredible process. I have spoken with the playwright, who has been arranging for her to come. She has an extensive background in theatre, working at the Moscow Art Theatre and being the current artistic director for the Russian Theatre of Estonia.

Here's the deal. The playwright has told me that she doesn't know what a stage manager is. I am a little worried about this. He has tried to explain to her what I do and that I am very competent, but she is under the impression that I am like an assistant director. Has anyone been in this situation before? Do you know what the equivalent of a stage manager is in Russian theatre? Does anyone have experience working with a Russian director who has never directed in the United States? I am just looking to get some background information, but I have been unable to find information on Russian theatre that I can actually read.

I look forward to this experience as I believe it will challenge me as a stage manager and collaborator, but it makes me nervous. To add to the stress, it's a world premiere and our college is making a really big deal about this production, so a lot of eyes will be in our direction.

Any background, advice, help, etc?

Tools of the Trade / MY NEW TOY!
« on: Mar 29, 2008, 04:07 pm »
Hey! I know it may not be anything special, but I just had to share with some people. I bought a new MacBook yesterday and I am soo excited to finally have one. Now I can do my rehearsal reports right there in rehearsal as I get the notes! Not only is this a laptop, but I just made the switch from PC to Mac. So far, I LOVE it! Thanks for letting me indulge myself.

College and Graduate Studies / College Stage Management Guide
« on: Jan 31, 2007, 06:06 pm »
I attend a small, liberal arts college in Sioux Falls, SD. I am theatre major and our program has a class on stage management. I start the stage management class on Monday. However, I have read about 5 books on stage management. Including the textbook for the class. I have also stage managed shows before taking this class. My professor called me and let me know that he thought the class would be a waste of my time because of my experience. To make it more challenging, he wants to sit down with me to rearrange the class for more advanced level stuff. He proposed that I write a guide to stage managing at our college. As everyone knows, stage managing is different anywhere you go. The goal is that if someone wants to stage manage a show at Augustana College (my school) they have to read this guide to see how things work. I will also be helping out with the class as a teachers assistant. The question is in regards to guides. I know a lot of colleges have stage management guides. However, what types of information does yours include? I don't want to skip out on any information that might come in handy. What do you think?

SMNetwork Archives / Legal Pads
« on: Dec 30, 2006, 11:37 pm »
I was wondering if anyone else has the same problems I have. Every single legal pad that I have gotten has had pages come out of the pad when I don't want them to. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or is it just me being dumb? I would really appreciate finding out any alternatives to legal pads or a brand of legal pad that works really well. Thanks everyone, I hate my legal pads right now.

Hello everyone. I have a particular dilemma. I am currently stage managing a production called Kin. This show is about the eugenics movement in the 1920s here in the United States. However, the director is having the playwright make changes to the script. This proves making my production script nearly impossible. We printed out a bunch of copies of the script a while ago, and there have been re-writes since then. I need to update all the scripts before Sunday, because we have our read-thru. Has anyone else gone through this? If you have, let me know any hints or tips. This is going to drive me crazy with all the constant changes. There are more changes anticipated as well. Thanks everyone!

I have a question. I want to create a website for the upcoming show I am stage managing. Minus the whole password issue, what all has everyone known for people to put on the website. I want to put a rehearsal schedule for sure. I am just unsure of what else to put on the site. I did a search for websites in the forum, and the only thing I found was people talking about their own personal websites.

Another issue: If I put a rehearsal schedule on the site, should I make it a downloadable PDF or just listed on the website? This is going to be my first time venturing into the realm of making a site for the production. It just seems like it will be so much easier for the cast and crew to go online to find out the schedule rather than have to rely on their papers so much.

I also am aware of the calendar websites that are out there. Those are also another possibilty. Let me know what you all do. Thanks!

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