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on: Dec 22, 2013, 10:54 am 1 Offstage / The Green Room / HAPPY BIRTHDAY PSMKAY

Thank you for this site, a gift that gives to all of us every day. Have a gloriously fun day with tons of presents and lots of good times with good friends!

on: Aug 11, 2013, 05:28 am 2 Offstage / The Green Room / HOME!

After four months in Macau doing a temporary residency the biggest show (or at least one of the biggest shows) in the world, and 39 hours of travel (delays affecting international flights are the worst!), I am HOME!!!  Granted, it's only for four days - but when I am back in November, me and my husband will have to look at this travel thing - as when this is over it will be 12 out 15 months on the road, and he, rightfully feels that that is too much.  But so, so nice to be home.

I think being away physically so far away, along for the length, has allowed us both to be more vocal about our wants for the future . . . it's interesting to have to verbalize why certain gigs are important to one's career for a civilian spouse - but at the end of the day, it's important you both figure out what you need.

But now, HOME!!!  (Tuesday, Chicago . . . )

on: Feb 10, 2013, 03:21 am 3 Board News / Announcements / Staff changes Feb 2013

It's a pretty rare year when both of our main on-topic boards get new staff members, but that's exactly what has occurred this year.

Yomanda has finished the gauntlet of abuse cleverly disguised as training and is now officially moderator of Stage Management: Students and Novices. Maribeth is now moderator of Stage Management: Plays & Musicals in addition to her ongoing assignment as moderator of our members-only Regional boards.

We give many many thanks and tea and cakes to these new volunteer staff members, and also to Bwoodbury and Rebbe, who are departing the SMNetwork staff after quite some time handling these busy boards.

Make sure to say hi and congrats to the new staffers when you see them around!

on: Sep 21, 2012, 11:01 pm 4 Onstage / Tools of the Trade / Free Stuff for Artists

So I've spouted off two links to free repositories of scripts/scores that have been reasonably popular lately, and I'm sure there's other online directories of free stuff and deals for artists, students and the generally destitute. Do you have a site or know of a program that would fit? Please share it with us here!

(Disclaimer: We have not tried all of these resources personally. We cannot promise that they will serve you, that they are legit, or that the programs will continue for any particular span of time. We do try to avoid linking to site full of viruses and known scam sites, but inclusion here is not an endorsement from SMNetwork or any member unless explicitly stated in the thread.)

Mods, feel free to add new contributions to this post or just let them pile up, your call.

Literature, Scripts & Scores - International Music Score Library. Scores & Libretti with links to recordings. - Gilbert & Sullivan Library at Boise State. All things G&S - Scripts. Many of them. - Choral Public Domain library. Mostly short songs, no lengthy works. - Lead sheets. Mostly new works by artists looking for exposure. - Project Gutenberg. Free books, mostly classics - A wiki with the goal to make a page for every book ever published. They have an ebook lending library to help accomplish this goal. - Millions of free books. - Random guide to more free books.

Recordings - Musopen - recordings and scores, focuses on the former. - Jamendo - (mostly) royalty-free mp3, great for background music etc. - Live Music Archive. Does what it says on the box. - Not downloadable, but a decent calendar of internet radio broadcasts for opera - I have no idea how long this will remain online but it is AWESOME.

Assorted free stuff - I think everyone should know about these guys already, yes? Give something free, get something free. - for all performing artists, NOT JUST AEA Members. - Create a wish list, and companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint may give their furniture to you instead of junking it. Nonprofits get free furniture. - NY Foundation for the Arts"NYFA Source." Big directory of grants & free services for artists.

Tool Sharing --> eventually to become - Southern California sharing tools & gear between neighbors -> Cooperative workshop in Fort collins, Colorado -> Providence, RI Tool sharing -> Toolbank USA coordinates several local tool sharing and rental programs

New York (The Actors Fund)
LA (The Actors Fund)
Chicago (The Actors Fund) - Short stays in people's homes worldwide
LIHEAP - US based program to help low-income folks with energy costs, especially heat & lights

US Dept of Labor Scholarship Search
Education department links to State Education programs
101 Grants you've never heard of

Services - Wikipedia directory of state programs providing free legal services for artists. (Many fold in accountants, too.)

Microsoft Giving for Nonprofits and Microsoft Student Deals
Apple Student Deals

For Union Members
UnionPlus - Search for union-only bennies

on: Jan 24, 2012, 08:25 am 5 Offstage / Self-Promotion / Blue Man Group National Tour

The contracts have finally been signed, and I'm excited to announce that I'll be the new PSM of the tour for which I am the current ASM.  Very excited!!

on: Jul 09, 2011, 06:42 am 6 Offstage / The Green Room / Office Supply Vending Machine

This is pretty nerdy but I figured that of all people, SMs would appreciate this office supply vending machine I found at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh. You can get note-taking supplies like pencils, index cards, notepads,  and post-its, plus ear buds, magnifying glasses, and a bag to carry your books home. Made me smile.

Our local community theater recently performed The Diary of Anne Frank.  We had a very limited number of people helping backstage, so I was very involved in moving things during the scene changes.  There was a rather large kitchen table that had a green tablecloth added to it between the first and second scenes of Act I.  I found putting a table cloth on straight in the dark in a hurry to be rather difficult.  After trying several different methods, I settled on using 2 small safety pins on the upstage side of the tablecloth that go exactly over the corners of the table so I could go by feel.  It worked reasonably well, and no one but me ever said anything if it was less than perfectly straight. 

What are some of the most difficult things that had to be accomplished quickly in the dark during a show you worked?


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