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In terms of which website helps me be a better SM and makes it easier to do my job? SMNet HANDS DOWN!


on: Dec 27, 2013, 11:49 am 2 Board News / December Madness I: 2012 / Re: December Madness!

I thought about doing another run this year but couldn't quite figure how to change it up.


on: Dec 22, 2013, 10:54 am 3 Offstage / The Green Room / HAPPY BIRTHDAY PSMKAY

Thank you for this site, a gift that gives to all of us every day. Have a gloriously fun day with tons of presents and lots of good times with good friends!

on: Aug 11, 2013, 05:28 am 4 Offstage / The Green Room / HOME!

After four months in Macau doing a temporary residency the biggest show (or at least one of the biggest shows) in the world, and 39 hours of travel (delays affecting international flights are the worst!), I am HOME!!!  Granted, it's only for four days - but when I am back in November, me and my husband will have to look at this travel thing - as when this is over it will be 12 out 15 months on the road, and he, rightfully feels that that is too much.  But so, so nice to be home.

I think being away physically so far away, along for the length, has allowed us both to be more vocal about our wants for the future . . . it's interesting to have to verbalize why certain gigs are important to one's career for a civilian spouse - but at the end of the day, it's important you both figure out what you need.

But now, HOME!!!  (Tuesday, Chicago . . . )
10) If the SM can tell your main priority is the production and not yourself.


on: Apr 30, 2013, 03:32 pm 6 Offstage / The Green Room / Re: SM Tumblr

A classmate shared this with me about a year ago. I still look at it to make myself laugh.

Edit: I also just realized that this is from a different site, but I think I've seen the same post somewhere on the page you mentioned.


Right now, in the position I am in (both career-wise and financially), I'd simply be happy in a long-term or permanent job with a decent salary (25k+) and some scope for progression.

I'm currently writing the application for my dream job, and it's the hardest one I've ever done. The questions aren't difficult, I'm just so conscious of not getting them 'right'.



Something to bear in mind is that almost nobody who works on running crew is actually doing the job we pay them to do.

It's great that ushers tear tickets and hold the doors open and guide patrons to seats with their cute little flashlights, but the ushers are really there so that, if the theatre has to be evacuated, people don't die in the aisles.

It's great that the stagehands move scenery and hold doors open and help move things around, but they're really there so that, if there's a fire, there's someone backstage who knows where the fire extinguishers are, which extinguisher to grab (electrical fire? material fire?), and how to use the thing.

It's great that the board operators follow cues and improvise appropriately, but they're really there so that, when something goes Horribly Horribly Horribly Wrong and the stage manager is flouncing around trying to do a bajillion things at once, the theatre isn't left in total darkness for several minutes and we can get a god mic running sooner rather than later.

And it's great that the stage manager calls the show--but if that's all we needed stage managers to do, you could easily replace them with a MIDI track or just have the board operators do their own cues. The SM's real purpose is to react and respond to emergencies and unexpected situations. That's why someone working at the high end of stage management can make upwards of 60-80k a year for doing a job that college students can do perfectly competently without even expecting a salary: the experienced SM isn't necessarily better at giving cues or taking notes, but they are better at reacting, responding, de-escalating and preventing situations from getting worse.

If nothing is going wrong, then you are doing your job adequately and can relax. Even if it feels like it isn't much of a job.
My christmas present to myself this past year that is now my fave mug:

on: Mar 08, 2013, 04:14 pm 10 Offstage / The Green Room / Re: Regrets

Interestingly enough, the same apprenticeship just posted that they are looking for people for this year, so I sure as hell am not making the same mistake!


Update: today is the day I find out how the fates knoted my life.

Regardless of the outcome, it's just a show . . . just a gig . . . there will always be another one.  They arelike buses, or fish in the sea.

I have spent too much time in my career worried about getting the "dream" gig, the "perfect" show, or what I think is the one I have to have next to make my career . . . in reality this career is not linear, not planned, nor never perfect.

I hope the outcome is what is best for you.


on: Feb 22, 2013, 08:52 pm 12 Offstage / Self-Promotion / Off to China

I am not the first person on this board to work on THE HOUSE OF DANCING WATER in Macau, China - but I am joining the thier Stage Management team in April as a short-term maternity cover starting in late March/Early April - it's part of my 24 months of no-Shakespeare challenge I am setting up for myself in trying to spread my wings and get some more diversity on my resume.  I interviewed the first week in January, and have been doing a wide variety of interviews, meetings, and lots and lots of emails about documents for my Visa.  This will be my first Circus and, although not my first international show, this will be quite a change for a me.  Today I got word everything is lined up, we are just setting up my travel.  I have 40 days to relax and unpack from my last show until I hit the road again.  (My husband is very upset, and pouting now, but I have high hopes he will forgive me!)

on: Feb 19, 2013, 01:46 am 13 Onstage / Tools of the Trade / Re: stopwatches?

I know this is an old thread, but I would like to mention something my wonderful husband just did for me. He removed the "beep" from my favorite stopwatch.

I've had a Sportline 240 Econosport stopwatch for at least 8 years. The screen has finally started to dim, so I asked my husband to replace the battery. Granted, it's an $11 stopwatch, but it's the best I've had, so it's worth it to me to replace the battery. While he had it open, I asked if there was anything he could do to stop it from beeping.

He noticed that 2 small springs touch the large silver plate that is attached to the back of the stopwatch. When you press a button, it presses the spring into the plate and you get the beep. He added a piece of scotch tape as a buffer between the springs and the metal plate and PRESTO! No more beeping!

So if you've found the stopwatch of your dreams, you can always make it a silent one with a tiny screwdriver and some tape.
You should write a contingency for the North Koreans launching a nuclear assault, zombie apocalypse, and the rapid release of gravimetric pressure.

Hey....they could happen during your show!

As for specifics...I think you've got the right basic idea not mapping out everything:. Impossible. I'd go with the SL, SR procedures. Maybe the best way to go about it is ask the producer which situations they can think of that they'd like you to have procedures in place for and develop those.


OMG it's the real world version of "Hell in a handbag!"
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