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Student Alaskan SM introduction
« on: Oct 16, 2017, 04:21 pm »
Hi Everyone!

I've been lurking on this site for the past couple months and I figured that it was time for me to finally register and join the fold. The forums here have been so helpful lately in finding info on SM related questions.

As far as introductions, I'm a senior technical theatre major focusing on stage management. I wasn't planning on majoring in theatre in college, but I made the mistake of wondering into the scene shop one day and then I fell in love with theatre ever since.

I'm currently stage managing for a devised piece of theatre centered around the 1964 earthquake in Alaska. 

My most memorable moment so far in my SM experience is when my prompt book almost caught on fire. It was during intermission for a projections heavy show, and as such, I had two different monitors on my desk. While I was off getting water and checking in with my ASM, both of the monitors caught on fire. My prompt book was literally mere inches from the smoking mess. Luckily the assistant projections designer was in the booth fixing some technical issues with projections (the projections program had decided to quit near the end of ACT I). He thankfully grabbed a fire extinguisher, moved my prompt book to the ground and stopped the fire.

He decided to play a prank on me though, because as I came back into the booth, and saw the mess, I panicked and searched for my prompt book. He decided to inform me that he wasn't able to save it, and it was lost in the fire forever. I had a thirty second absolute panic, but then he quickly saw he'd overstepped and pulled the prompt book from his backpack. It was an emotional roller coaster that day.

And ever since then, I always photocopy my prompt book once it's finished after tech. Just in case.

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Re: Student Alaskan SM introduction
« Reply #1 on: Oct 16, 2017, 09:46 pm »
Wow, I would feel the same panic if I thought my prompt book had been torched. What a lucky save. I've always felt dubious about leaving my book in the booth (especially theatres I've worked at where "booth" is more a polite term than actual fact), and now I've got more to think about in terms of securing things each show. Welcome aboard.
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