Author Topic: Introduction - So nice to meet you all!  (Read 939 times)

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Introduction - So nice to meet you all!
« on: Apr 14, 2017, 10:34 am »
Hey guys, I'm a high school sophomore with an interest in stage management. I attend a vocational high school where I major in Visual and Performing Arts, with a concentration in Multimedia. The students there gain an extensive knowledge in acting and technical theater. I've been heavily involved with acting for most of my life, but high school was where I was first introduced to the wonders of stage management.

I've been an ASM for Walter Kerr's "Stardust", as well as for "Big Fish". I've also been an ASM for the dance shows at my high school. I was also the production manager for my grade's class film... Not sure if that's worth mentioning.

The PSM I have worked under will be graduating this June, so I'll be the production stage manager for all of my school productions next year. This is kind of terrifying for me, but hopefully I can use the information I take from this resource to help me be the best PSM possible!


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Re: Introduction - So nice to meet you all!
« Reply #1 on: Apr 26, 2017, 04:50 pm »
Welcome aboard! Be sure to check out the Students and Novice Stage Managers board- it has some great info about working on student productions.