Author Topic: Hello from a Computer Science major who masquerades as a Stage Manager  (Read 899 times)

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Hi everyone,

My name is Laurence, I'm a sophomore Computer Science student at Earlham College who spends a good portion of his time Stage Managing for my school's Theater Department.  I've been doing technical theater since around middle school and I acted for slightly longer, but only starting SM-ing last year when i was the ASM and eventual SM for our production of Acid Dolphin Experiment.  I spend most of my free time when i'm not studying applying my Computer Science knowledge to theater by working on a web, and eventually mobile, application to make line notes less obnoxious (and painful) to make and distribute. 

I found this website today when i was perusing the interwebs and figured that i should join and have a place to be able to learn more about Stage Managing from a variety of kinds of people in the business!


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Welcome to the SMNetwork, from a thespian who masquerades as a web developer in the time I don't spend at the theatre (and sometimes even there). I'd love to hear when you have a beta to test drive: your app sounds extremely useful.
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