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Good Morning SM Network!


Hello all!

I'm so excited to be here. I have been stage managing for about a year now and I plan to pursue it as a career. I got into it a little later than most, but I'm super willing to learn and so excited to SM everything I can.

I am lead SM on Comedy of Errors for the theatre department at my school this semester and I can't wait to start on it.

A story that I have is that last semester while I was ASMing, one of the actors fell off the stage into the lowered pit (12 feet down) and hit the built stairs on his way down. He broke his arm but was still able to participate in the show. Scary, but he is just fine and was a great sport about it.

Thanks in advance for being so welcoming and for this resource!

With Joy,

Michelle R. Wood:
Welcome to the forum. The great thing about SMing is that I don't think it matters as much what age you come into it: I didn't really start SMing fulltime (or consider it) until well after college.

I had a director step backwards into an orchestra pit, not once, but twice. He survived both times but it was quite a scare.

Welcome, Maddie!


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