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Re: Resume Format
« Reply #15 on: Sep 27, 2012, 04:53 pm »
I did have one more question you guys might be able to help with. I have heard some people say to put my references at the bottom but others have told me just to put "References available upon request." Which one do you do and why? If I put my references at the bottom, what is the format? Name, title, email?

If I am sending my resume to someone, I include references (Name, Title, Company, work phone #, and email). If I was to post my resume on a public forum like a job website, I would remove the references and put "References available upon request" instead. I think we've talked about this in a different thread, but when sending a resume to someone, having the references right there on your resume cuts out one step and makes it that much easier for the person doing the hiring.

I second what Maribeth said- I want to make sure to respect the privacy & time of the people who have volunteered to be my references. If I don't know who is going to be looking at my resume (not who individually at a company, but who as in posted on a public website or something similar) I don't want to include people's contact information.
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Re: Resume Format
« Reply #16 on: Sep 27, 2012, 04:54 pm »
Listing references or not can be a pretty hot topic in the job market.  There are valid arguments for both sides and no matter what decision you make you will, at some point, come across an employer who feels the opposite and discards your resume for that simple reason. 

That said, I usually list my references.  My first reason for this is that I believe that most perspective employers really don't want to take the extra time to ask you for references.  It adds another step for them and most simply won't bother.  Second, theatre is a VERY small world.  I have frequently gotten jobs because someone at that company knew one of my references and/or had worked with them in the past.  As many have stated on this site, it's all about who you know.

However, there are occasions when I don't list them.  For instance, if a company has a separate application where they ask for references then it is redundant to put them on your resume.  Or if I'm putting it into a public forum as Maribeth already stated.  I am also aware that I am sending someone else's contact info out into the world so I am careful about who I am sending the info to (this is also why it is best to use someone's work phone and email if they have one.)  I think it really comes down to using your best judgement in each situation.  When making my resume I always have one version with and one without.

As for format, use whatever reads the easiest but looks good as well.  I currently have my resume organised into three columns so when I list my references I fit them into three parts so that everything lines up.

Name               Name             Name
Title                 Title                Title
Company         Company       Company
Phone              Phone            Phone
Email                Email              Email

But they are any number of ways to do it.  My advice on this is to concentrate on making sure that the information is easy to find and understand.  And that your entire resume should be neat and organised.
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Re: Resume Format
« Reply #17 on: Sep 27, 2012, 08:03 pm »
To re-state some of my previous comments abouts references.

Unless it states in the ad for references, I would not include them.  It will take up valuable resumes space.  (Although on my C.V. version of my resume, I do have all my references and then some.).

Putting references available upon request seems odd . . . who wouldn't provide references upon request?

When I hire, references tend to be the last people I contact.  I know they are going to say positive things about you (unless you are pretty dim and put someone who is going to speak crap about you on you resume).  I am going to network based on people I know and you know (things like LinkedIn and Facebook are great for figuring these things out - who do I know that work at that theater you worked at).  The only time I have lengthy conversations with a reference is when I am considering a canidate for a position above their proven level - for educational positions, or moving a PA up to ASM - for example.

I think it's vital to contact the reference and ask them how they want to be contacted.  I, for example, will never give a reference over e-mail other then to confirm dates of employment.  I only will give a reference if I can engage in a conversation with the person who asks for the reference.  (But I also am very careful who I agree to serve as a reference for.)

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Anything posted here as in my own personal opinion, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of my employer - whomever they be at a given moment in time.


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