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Electronic Portfolios- Need Help
« on: Aug 12, 2006, 11:45 pm »
Hey guys, I had a question for anyone who has an opinion on this:

I've done both a prompt book example and portfolios in my job searches in the past. I'm starting to apply to more jobs at a distance from where I live and I wanted to make an electronic portfolio. I'd like to make a website eventually, but I have some learning to do on that. It would cost alot of money to copy a promptbook and ship it out and I can't imagine as a prospective employer I would want that thick old book on my desk anyways.

Right now my ultimate goal is to be able to mail off a cover letter, resume, and CD in one packet. I've been going back and forth on format. It's inexpensive, I can make as many copies as I want, I can tailor it to a specific job, and it's easy to coordinate with resumes, ect with cd labels and jewel case inserts. I feel like it is one more step towards makeing it easier to hire me. My two thoughts right now are a power point "something" or a .pdf document. A third one, but not too palatable would be to .pdf an entire calling book. It may be worth it if someone ever wanted a prompt book, but I'm not sure. I'm throwing around what to include: production shots, paperwork, selections of prompt books. Fortunately I have the full version of adobe acrobat and a scanner available as well as some other imaging and photo editing software.

So, has anyone done an electronic portfolio for themselves? What did you put in it, what was your format? Has anyone thought of making one? Any ideas? Does anyone think this is just an oddball project?

Thanks for your help!



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Re: Electronic Portfolios- Need Help
« Reply #1 on: Aug 13, 2006, 12:50 am »
Depends who your asking. No one has ever asked me to show a prompt book in an interview, probably cause in theory the prompt book becomes the property of the theatre you did the show with.  If you want to show a prompt book I would say just scan off a couple pages that have more information on them cause face it if you send a whole book its not likely someone is gonna look at every page, they will flip through a few so you might as well just show then your best pages.  If you want to do a computerized version i would suggest doing it in *pdf as mostly anyone who uses the internet can read a pdf file, where as not everyone can do powerpoint.

Again those are my thoughts coming from someone who has never had to show a prompt book in an interview, and as I see it the job of a SM is so much more outside the prompt book that I dont see why places would ask to see one, especially considering they should already know the prompt book belongs to the theatre you worked for.


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Re: Electronic Portfolios- Need Help
« Reply #2 on: Aug 13, 2006, 10:12 am »
I would recommend against a CD-Rom presentation of anything, in any format. It just won't get used by the hiring company. No one really wants or needs to see a prompt book sample that badly. Your resume should eventually speak for itself about your SM abilities and organizational skills. PMs and hirers are getting lots of CD-Rom promos (set rentals, costume companies, even props catalogues), and most of them end up in the trash very quickly. Honestly, I wouldn't waste your time. A resume, cover letter, and references is all anyone will ever really need. If they absolutely must meet you and see a sample of your books, they'll fly you out.
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Re: Electronic Portfolios- Need Help
« Reply #3 on: Sep 11, 2006, 11:43 am »
I would second what stagemonkey and ljh007 said. 

For unsolicited applications, the cover letter & resume would be the best option.  You don't want to overload someone who may or may not even have a position available.

For applications to a particular job posting, I'd suggest stating that a portfolio is available upon request and if they ask for one, provide a couple options for the format.  Some prefer .pdf, but some may not know what a .pdf is (seriously!).  Some may disagree with me on this one, but my reasoning is as follows: not all SM's will offer a portfolio and the interviewer may be curious thereby initiating a dialogue with you prior to a potential interview.

If you get a call for an interview, ask if the interviewer would like to see your portfolio, because he/she may not realize you have one.  Many SM's don't and (I could be wrong on this) but I don't think it's common knowledge that an SM might have one.

Just my thoughts.


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