Author Topic: In search of a (good) undergrad program  (Read 3464 times)

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In search of a (good) undergrad program
« on: Apr 02, 2006, 12:49 am »
I'm in my second year of community college, and a few weeks away from opening my second show as SM (Fetes de la Nuit, a show which makes no bloody sense but is amazing anyway). I'm hoping to transfer to an undergrad program in the next year or two to get my ba in stage management, but I'm a little concerned about a) finding the right school and b) the application process.

The director I've been working with is incredibly talented, but definitely not what you would consider "traditional" in any sense of the word -- consequently, I have this horrible feling that I"m woefully underprepared for a career as a professional SM (sometimes I feel a lot more like a personal assistant than a stage manager!). For example, I pretty much just call rehearsals, keep track of props, etc.  and the director doesn't really worry about blocking diagrams, prompt books, etc. (I don't even call cues).

How much experience is necessary to get in to a good four-year school? How hard is it to get accepted into these programs (is there much competition? how much do they take into account your GPA and which classes you've taken, both theatre-related and otherwise?) And I realize that this has been asked before, but does anyone have any reccomendations on schools or places to intern (CA, east coast, or england)?



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In search of a (good) undergrad program
« Reply #1 on: Apr 02, 2006, 03:36 am »
I am currently an undergrad in Boston University's Stage Management program (although it is a BFA program and you mentioned that you are looking for a BA program. the BFA program here is a conservatory, so it is difficult to transfer into). If you would like to know more about the program in general, I'd be happy to help you out.

 I understand your concerns about the application process and how much your experience will affect that. It can be very daunting. On feeling unprepared: that's what college is for! Every new class that comes into the BU program is filled with a variety of people who have all had different ranges of experience. Some of our freshman had never even stage managed a show before coming here. But they all have other qualities that are important and they have the desire and potential to learn and be great. This is why they are accepted. So don't let it frighten you too much! I bet that when you do find a program that suits you and tranfer in, you won't even be the least experienced one there.


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In search of a (good) undergrad program
« Reply #2 on: Apr 22, 2006, 07:45 pm »
As I posted in another thread:
I'm actually a senior in HS this year, and recently decided upon Brandeis University (after being accepted at BU as well). The difference being that Brandeis is Liberal Arts style (BA) and BU offers Conservatory training (BF). For me having the strong liberal arts basis on top of a superb theater program was the catch for Brandeis.l For the Brandeis stage management program, they have undergraduates the all of the stage management for the Brandeis Theatre Company, which is their resident theatre company comprised of actors and designers that are getting their masters at Brandeis, as well as faculty and professional directors, and they really emphasize that all stage management students gain a lot of experience in undergrad. They also have a ton of student theatre groups on campus. I would say check out Brandeis. There are also some current Brandeis stage managers on this site, and hopefully they'll see this topic. Good luck!

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In search of a (good) undergrad program
« Reply #3 on: Apr 22, 2006, 10:03 pm »
It seems that almost once a fortnight a thread about UnderGrad training for SM's comes up, all basically asking for the best place to go.

Sorry to be a bit of a wet blanket, but is it too much to ask that people a) use the search function (which I admit is rubish really, but it picks out the obvious ones) and b) skim the first page of the board to see if a topic they are asking about already exists.

It is just I (and I am sure many others) get tired seeing the same threads being re-hashed week in, week out. I saw 7 or 8 threads on this page ALONE which deal with either a specific undergrad course or with undergrad courses in general. There are about 3 threads dealing with creating portfolios for applying to undergrad courses etc.


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