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College Interview
« on: Sep 05, 2006, 12:41 am »
I have an interview/portfolio review at Webster University on October 5th, I have gotten info from the staff there, but can anyone tell me how to prepare, or even what to expect? Im really nervous, I've never had an interview for anything



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Re: College Interview
« Reply #1 on: Sep 05, 2006, 01:32 am »
I don't know a scrap about the interview process that they go through there, or what they cover, but I do have a few tips which cover a couple of rather basic, but extreamly important bases for any interview.

First and foremost is how you are dressed. It should be appropriate for the situation, neatly pressed, and correctly fitting. Try to be fairly neutrally dressed (ie pale or dark colours, maybe dark grey or black pants/skirt)

Second is shoes. I would suggest against anything with heels (women) and I would go with black.

Third is hair. Out of the face, probably tied back would be best.

Fourth is to be confident. If you walk into the room nervous, it shows. If you are confident, it also shows.

Fifth, probably would be to shake hands firmly. Both before and after the interview with the interviewers. There are probably three main scenarios that occur. 1) you are shown into a room by an interviewer, you shake their hand when they greet you. They are the only person interviewing, so you may sit down. 2) you are shown into a room by an interviewer, you shake their hand as before. Then when you enter the interview room, there is someone else there. Usually they will introduce themselves, and you have to read body language as to wether you shake hands. The third main scenario is like 1, however when you sit down, another interviewer enters. STAND UP and introduce youself, shake their hand etc. Failure to observe customs like that are negative points. And make sure it is a firm shake - even ladies.

Sixth. Have a pen and paper handy. Either to take down notes on anything they say, or just to look prepared. I would suggest getting a leather compendium/folder to hold the pad - it makes you look more professional.

If you are taking papers in, always have 2 or 3 copies with you. For example, at a job interview, have 3 copies of your resume 1 for you to follow and 2 for any other interviewers in the room.  The exception would probably be a portfolio - even then it is worth having a spare.

Finaly, see if you can find out who will be interviewing you. At a university, that may mean finding out from past students what happened there and how the interviewers reacted to certain things, for a job it may mean finding out about the companies structure and history.


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Re: College Interview
« Reply #2 on: Sep 06, 2006, 11:41 pm »
In terms of prepping for the content of the interview, I've found that its helpful to go through your resume and think about what you got from each show you've done.  Was there a major problem that you handled successfully?  Did you feel particularly challenged by a situation you encountered?  Was there a situation you would have handled differently in retrospect?  What show do you think you learned the most on (because at this phase in your career it is still all about learning)    And in general, what do you think your strengths are, and what do you think are your weaknesses? Why do you want to stage manage?

These are likely the types of questions you'll encounter.  I find that having thought those answers through, in advance, I'm more likely to speak eloquently and confidantly at the interview.


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