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The Coin Purse
« on: Nov 04, 2006, 08:54 pm »
Here's an in-depth analysis of the ubiquitous coin purse from my very good friend and colleague, Monica Cuoco.
--Heath Belden

I cannot remember the last show I did without a coin purse, or several coin
purses. I spent a long time loathing coin purses.  Now, coin purses have
come to be a pinnacle of my life as a stage manager. However, coin purses
bring a lot of responsibility with them.  Here are a few simple questions a
stage manager should have prepared for the predictable moment when "We?ll
need to add a coin purse here" echoes throughout the rehearsal hall:
  • What is it made of?
  • Will it reflect light on stage?
  • What color is it?
    • Can we get swatches to the scenic/lighting/costume designer?
    • Is it to be a period coin purse?
    • Do we have any dramaturgical notes on coin purses?
    • Will it be bought, built, or pulled?
      • By who? When?
    • Can we rehearse with it?
    • If we can't rehearse with it can we get a rehearsal coin purse?
    • It is important that the rehearsal coin purse is a near replica of the actual coin purse.
    • We will also need rehearsal coins, of course.
    • Will the coin purse be used in any promotional materials?
    • Do the coins need to be accessed?
      • How many?
      • What Currency?
      • If the coins do not need to be accessed what will we use as coins?
      • What kind of noise should the coin purse make?
      Is it:
      • Thrown?
      • Concealed?
      • Used as a weapon?
        • Do we need a fight choreographer?
      • Put in a pocket?
        • What size is the pocket?
        • Attached to anything?
          • How? With What? Is it removed?
          • Will it be needed during fittings?
          • Does it close?
            • Tie, snap, zip, or clasp?
          • If it ties does the actor have to untie it? Onstage? Quickly?
          • Who brings it in?
            • How? When? Where?
            • Does s/he give it to anyone?
              • Who? How? When? Where?
            • When does it exit?
              • With who? How? When? Where?
            • When do we see it again?
              • With who? How? When? Where?
            • Where is it preset?
            • Is it a pocket prop/hand prop/piece of furniture?
            • Do(es) the actor(s) handling it have
              • Allergies? Fears? Phobias? Special needs? Proper Training?
              • Are they right-handed or left-handed?
            • Is the actor Equity?
              • Is the coin purse equity approved?
              • Do we need to draw up a coin purse rider?
            • Can you email me the coin purse plot (you have one, I assume)?
            • IS THIS A PROP OR A COSTUME?
            I have come to love coin purses.  (In fact I am trying to highly encourage coin purse usage in every day life).  I have come to appreciate the time I spend ensuring that the perfect and most effective coin purse will appear on stage.  And I have realized - if I can come to love a thing this neurotic and particular then perhaps I have not missed my calling with fish farming or hemp bracelet making.  I think if we could all find our own proverbial coin purse we might enjoy our work a little more.
            Monica Cuoco, PSM