Author Topic: How to relamp a lighting instrument  (Read 3615 times)

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How to relamp a lighting instrument
« on: Nov 04, 2006, 08:55 pm »

First of all, they're called lamps, not light bulbs.  Electricians will look at you like you have two heads and no c-wrench if you call them light bulbs.  The only "light bulbs" are the ones you use in your household lighting fixtures (they're also called "A-lamps.")  If anyone wants to do the fresnel how-to, they are more than welcome to it.

Secondly, in any case other than a par can, when you are changing a lamp, you should not touch the glass area with your hands.  The oils on your skin will adhere to the glass, causing the filament as it burns to deposit particles unevenly.  Halogen lamps have their reputed long life because the halogen gas inside allows for even redistribution of these particles, making the filament last longer instead of weakening in one particular place as incandescent lamps are wont to do.  However, the particles in a halogen are attracted to any congregation of oils on the glass, so the effect is nulled by touching the lamp with your hands.

(Added by Lily:) The reason you don't touch lamps is because the oil on your fingers will cause quartz lamps to bubble/explode... this is not a good thing. Regular incandescent lamps will be ok. (BTW if you accidently touch a quartz lamp, you can remove the oil with rubbing alcohol and it will be ok.)

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