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How to make good coffee
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »

  1. Get rid of the old coffee.  This means anything that's been sitting around for more than two hours.  If you're not sure, smell it.  If it smells burnt, throw it out.  NB: it is common courtesy to warn everyone within earshot before you empty the coffee pot.  Some folks like it burned, or don't want to wait for a fresh pot.

  2. Rinse out the coffee pot.  This means all of it: the urn or carafe, and the basket that holds the grounds.

  3. Wipe the urn or carafe dry.  Oils from coffee can build up on the inside of the urn or carafe, making your coffee taste more and more bitter with each new pot.

  4. Fill the urn or carafe with the desired amount of water.  If you have a water filter, use it.

  5. Place a filter in the basket that holds the grounds.  Even if you are using a percolator, using a coffee filter can help keep the grounds from collecting at the bottom of the urn.

  6. Fill up the filter with coffee grounds, using the ratio of one teaspoon for every cup of coffee you are planning to make.  For stronger coffee, use more grounds, not in excess of one and a half teaspoons per cup, unless you're out to make coffee syrup!

  7. Plug in coffeepot.

  8. Set a hand towel or paper towels all over the area near the coffee pot to help catch drips and spills.

  9. Go attend to more important business.

  10. If you are not satisfied with the coffee you've made, feel free to experiment with the amount of grounds you put in.  If someone else is not satisfied with the coffee you've made, you're being taken for granted, and they can make their own bleedin' coffee!

Things to watch out for:

  • Don't put an empty carafe back on the burner.  It will crack.

  • Don't leave the coffeepot on with no carafe.  Someone will burn themselves.

  • Don't leave the milk container too close to the hot coffeepot.

  • Don't assume everyone drinks coffee.  Have decaffeinated and non-coffee alternatives on hand.

  • Don't pay for the coffee yourself.  Keep a coffee fund going through the cast and crew.

  • Lighten up on the amount of coffee you put in if you're using gourmet coffee.

  • Clean your coffeepot every six months or so by running a course of white vinegar through it, followed by two or three courses of clear water.  Make sure to do this when few people are around, or take it home before you clean it, as it makes the whole place smell of vinegar for a while.

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